Ama Houedjissi is a writer and artist from New York City, currently based in Los Angeles. Born and raised in Queens, she began writing early. She started off in narrative fiction- short stories to be exact, taking creative writing classes throughout high school and undergrad. She attended Amherst College, graduating cum laude with a degree in Black Studies and English.  There, she took her first screenwriting class, launching her affection for the craft.  Her senior thesis project produced a short story collection entitled, “there are sharp things in the ground and her hands are soft” and gave her the experience of building a body of work from the ground up. After graduation,  she went on to attend the Voices of New Artists (VONA), writing workshop in the Afro-Futurism genre, where her zeal for screenwriting continued. Now, she writes short films and thirty minute dramedies and hopes to be staffed in a writers’ room. She is currently in production on her first film entitled, “Be Like Me.”